Sustainability Strategy

PETER HAHN continues to invest in sustainability

Your concerns are important to us. So sustainability is becoming more and more important. Not just to you, our customers, but also the general public. It is also an essential part of our ethical understanding and corporate strategy. In particular, our focus is on social standards during production. Our commitment to this high priority is illustrated by the following: we have brought professional support from the first-class sustainability expert Rolf Heimann into the company. He has almost 30-years as a pioneer in the field of textile ecology. Rolf Heimann has developed, amongst other things, environmentally friendly and biodegradable dyeing systems and coatings for textiles. He has also led a consulting company for the optimisation of textiles ecology. Today, Rolf Heimann is chairman of the renowned hessnatur foundation.


In the long term all suppliers benefit from the PPP

Peter Hahn has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative since 2013. In addition to this commitment we have been participating in a Public Private Partnership project (PPP) from May 2016 to May 2018. The PPP project was co-financed by the German based Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH – from public funds from the programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Our sustainability strategy was optimised due to our membership in this project. This strategy was also implemented in the buying markets where our suppliers commited to sustainability goals and received individual capacity building measures.

This means that we were supporting three selected suppliers in Southern China over the last two years through individual and comprehensive training programmes. This project covered the use of chemicals plus social and environmental standards. It applied to both management and employees of the suppliers. The qualification programme was conducted in cooperation with our local partner Consulting Service International. After a kick-off meeting the factory’s first recordings of working conditions and environmental protection took place. In the last two years our Buying Agency, TriStyle Sourcing, and our suppliers took great benefit from the experience and gained knowledge. In the medium and long term all other suppliers will benefit too.


Social Responsibility

Our efforts in regards to good working conditions in the supply chain are shown here.

Animal welfare & Environmental Protection

In this section, we inform you about our activities in regards to animal welfare and environmental protection.

Transparent Supply Chain

In this section, we give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of our supply chain.

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