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We love fashion – and have done so since 1964. Everything we do is geared towards a single goal: We want to give our customers the feeling of certainty that they are well and stylishly dressed at all times.

Fashion that inspires 


We use our passion to design collections for the discerning, fashion-conscious woman. Our high standards and the protection of our environment are the maxims according to which our collections are created. With a keen sense for trends and style, we create fashion that is unmistakable and distinctive.

Our wide range offers the right wardrobe favourite for every style: figure-hugging or loose, trendy or classical, colourful or plain – our fashion range is as varied and extensive as these styles.

In addition to high-quality clothing, our customers will also find the right shoes and accessories that will give each outfit a unique edge. Elegant women’s underwear and shapewear, cosy bathrobes, snug nightwear and home wear for restful nights and relaxing days are also part of our diverse range.
Our range is completed with selected fashion for men. Whether it’s a suit or a leisure outfit, jacket or coat, accessories, underwear or shoes – here you will find stylish, casual men’s fashion for every occasion.

Brands for a touch of luxury 


From BOSS to WINDSOR: At PETER HAHN, the leading quality brands of women’s and men’s fashion come together for an inspiring rendezvous. With over 300 own and third-party premium brands, we boast a large selection of international designers.

PETER HAHN also has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainability: our GREEN COTTON by PETER HAHN collection, for example, has been one of our customers’ favourites for decades. It is fully certified according to the strict guidelines of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Over the years, we have continued to expand the range to include other sustainable brands such as Lanius, LangerChen and Elemente Clemente. New for 2021– we are launching our PETER HAHN PURE EDITION. This collection is fully certified according to GOTS and the criteria set out by the Grüne Knopf (Green Button in English), the German sustainability seal. The new sustainable brand True Standard also perfectly complements our sustainable brand portfolio. This fashion embodies our love of eco-friendly clothing, which we can never get enough of. But there are also many sustainable products in the rest of the range, for example sustainable cashmere or sustainable viscose. Discover more sustainable fashion at:

Our customers can enjoy a variety of on-trend collections, extravagant materials and stimulating colour compositions arising from the highest levels of creativity and manufacturing!

Our fabrics, fantastically beautiful

High quality, durable and natural – these are the properties that make our fashion. Great style can only come about through high quality. Top-quality materials and their processing are therefore the essence of every collection.

We are experts in natural fibres – it has been our great love since the company was founded. We offer our customers the best natural excellence by using the finest Supima® cotton, soft and cuddly cashmere (The Good Cashmere Standard), fine wool (Pure Tasmanian Wool), natural linen, organic cotton (Green Cotton) and brilliant silk.



Soft, softer, softest – cashmere is one of the finest and most precious natural yarns in the world! And whoever has worn it once knows that it simply makes you happy. The undisputed leader among the so-called noble yarns consists of fine, frizzy fibres between which a kind of protective layer of air is formed. As a result, cashmere offers excellent thermal insulation, keeps you cool in summer and repels moisture very well. And the soft, light fibre is not only temperature-regulating and breathable, but also dirt-repellent while it hardly absorbing odours. Most of our raw cashmere comes from northwest of China: This is where the best-quality cashmere is found. And we have it checked constantly. Because not all cashmere is the same. For our premium cashmere, we only use fibres that are very long and extremely fine. Our products carry the black premium seal of the Aid by Trade Foundation.
We love cashmere and are enthusiastic about making everything better every day: For the goats, for the farmers and for our customers! We are therefore very proud to be the opening partner of the first independent global sustainability standard for cashmere: At the request of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), PETER HAHN used its many years of cashmere expertise to help develop a standard for certified, sustainable cashmere from Inner Mongolia. The Good Cashmere Standard contributes to social and ecological well-being as well as animal welfare.

Pure Tasmanian wool
The best of sheep – of merino sheep, to be precise. This wool is a real all-rounder: It does not scratch, feels warm and comfortable even when it’s wet, it dries quickly, and is so odour-neutralizing that airing is usually sufficient, but it is also incredibly easy to care for because it can be machine washed on a delicates programme. What’s more, merino wool naturally fulfils a variety of requirements for ecological products: The sheep are sheared by hand once or twice a year and the new coat grows back on its own.
Our wool suppliers live in Tasmania, an island paradise near Australia. Here you can find the world’s cleanest air, untouched nature and lush green grass pastures.

The little ball of wool is a well-known symbol – it guarantees the best quality and the proven origin of the yarns. The company behind it, THE WOOLMARK COMPANY, is one of the innovation drivers in the wool industry and is well networked across the entire supply chain.


Supima® cotton
One of the highest quality cottons in the world. No other is as soft, as hard-wearing, with such great colour brilliance and is so reliably non-pilling. Why is this? It is down to the extremely fine and long fibres, which are about 35% longer than those of other types of cotton. The Pima cotton has a natural, elegant sheen, drapes beautifully and is extremely durable. It owes its name to the Pima, a group of Native Americans who were involved in the cultivation of cotton around 1900. In 1954 the Pima cotton farmers joined forces to form the marketing association SUPIMA®.
Our SUPIMA® cotton comes from the southwest of the USA. The dry, hot climate there is ideal. At just 3%, the SUPIMA® share of the annual US cotton production is very low, but the quality is all the more strictly controlled.

Sustainably grown organic cotton that gets by without fertilizers and pesticides is the basis for fashion from GREEN COTTON. And it is not only environmentally friendly, gentle against the skin, and incredibly comfortable, but it is also free of chemical residues and dyes containing heavy metals and chemical cleaners.
GREEN COTTON is naturally beautiful fashion with a clear conscience. Certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard, (Ecocert Greenlife Lic. No 204284) GOTS for short: The world’s leading standard for the processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibres defines the environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain and at the same time demands compliance with social standards.


Pure luxury – nothing feels as great against the skin! Thanks to its fine, smooth fibre structure, silk drapes softly and with more suppleness than any other fabric. And with its gentle sheen, this natural fibre always looks particularly elegant. In addition, it boasts the best skin-compatibility, is hard-wearing, extremely tear-resistant, feels warms when it’s cold, feels cool when it’s hot and can absorb up to 10% of its own weight in water – without the wearer feeling the moisture. No comparable man-made fibre can do such things.
China continues to deliver the best quality silk. The well-guarded manufacturing methods are passed on from generation to generation. And today, as it was 5,000 years ago, the Middle Kingdom is the land of silk and thus exactly the right supplier for us.

The natural fibre with built-in air conditioning. It absorbs up to 35% humidity in order to quickly release it back into its surroundings. This effect is pleasantly cooling, so that we don’t break out in a sweat, not even at high temperatures. In addition, linen is extremely tear-resistant, long-lasting, lint-free, dirt-repellent and one of the most environmentally friendly textile fibres: From cultivation to disposal, growing linen flax is very undemanding.
Linen is one of the oldest useful plants. Even the ancient Egyptians valued the properties of the bast fibre and used it, for example, to make ship’s sails. We source the fine creased material from Eastern Europe and the Far East.


We represent fashion with a clear conscience: Through strict quality controls, on-site visits and training for our suppliers, we guarantee high-quality fashion that meets the highest standards of processing and environmental protection right from when the raw material is manufactured. This is how the dream fabrics for the stylish fashion of our customers are created.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy here. Read how we are committed to good working conditions at our suppliers and how we protect the environment and nature. Take a look behind the scenes of our supply chains.

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