Transparent supply chain

The ideas for the PETER HAHN collections have been conceived at the company headquarters in Winterbach, Germany for many decades. The high-quality products are sourced from all over the world, for example through our purchasing offices in Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong and Thailand. But we don’t just want the best materials for our high-quality favourite PETER HAHN pieces; we also want to know where these goods come from and who produces them and under which conditions. This requires business relationships that have grown over the years, plus a lot of trust and transparency. Because we think our customers should be able to shop at PETER HAHN with a good conscience.

Where do the PETER HAHN favourites come from?

Join us on our journey and discover e.g. the fields where the cotton for our GREEN COTTON collection originates, which Mongolian goats provide the cuddly soft cashmere wool and how things are done step by step after the extraction of raw materials. One click is enough:

Supply chain of GREEN COTTON:

Supply chain of CASHMERE

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