Social Responsibility

Taking responsibility in our supply chain

We want the people who make our fashion to be protected. Of course, there are laws, but they must also be respected. That’s why we keep a careful eye on and regularly visit our local suppliers to see for ourselves that every possible thing is being done in terms of health and safety. In June 2012, we even created a sustainability department for this purpose. Because we are convinced that excellent quality is only achieved if the working conditions are excellent as well.

Therefore, we are also a member of various organisations. For example, amfori, the leading trade association for European and international trade committed to sustainable supply chains (formerly the FTA Foreign Trade Association). Since 01-01-2013 we’ve made use of the amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) service, which is the world’s largest social standards initiative. amfori now has more than 2,300 member companies, including several brands sold by PETER HAHN. Find out more about the business association and its activities here:

As a member of amfori BSCI, the right to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are particularly important to Peter Hahn. Therefore, the company makes sure that the factories in the production countries have workers’ representatives and allow trade unions.

By the way, we are particularly proud to be honoured for our commitment to social standards at the 2017 “Member of the Year Award” by former FTA, now amfori.

BSCI audits

As part of our amfori BSCI social standards activities, independent testing institutes regularly audit our suppliers. Their reports make up the basis for the continuous improvement of processes in the factories. In addition, we offer a comprehensive training programme, delivered by amfori BSCI, with on-site and online training, as well as PETER HAHN supplier days in the procurement markets. Furthermore employees from our buying offices visit producers at regular intervals and offer talks.

If an audit reveals a particularly critical situation, such as a high safety risk for employees, the amfori BSCI “Zero Tolerance Protocol” applies. It requires that amfori BSCI members who are business partners of the affected production site meet within 72 hours for an “emergency meeting” in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and, together with the production site, to achieve a long-term clarification for all parties involved.

Grievance mechanism

Also, an anonymous Grievance Mechanism is part of the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. As a result, all parties involved such as e.g. factory employees around the world can use this system if they are being negatively affected by certain business activities. More about this topic can be found here: In addition, the TriStyle Group has established its own  grievance mechanism, which is displayed in the corresponding national language in the production facilities. The first complaints already received have been successfully addressed and closed.

As part of an amfori BSCI project to introduce a grievance procedure, we are additionally participating in the “Speak for Change” pilot. This pilot scheme is currently being implemented in Vietnam for suppliers of amfori members. “Speak for Change” enables employees of suppliers to contact amfori and report concerns, tips and possible grievances in factories. This reporting can be done via the internet, by telephone or chat and can be done anonymously. It is planned that the “Speak for Change” grievance procedure is expanded to other countries. As an amfori member, we support this project because we are convinced that the voices of employees and company support contribute significantly to mutual success and good working conditions. Please find more information here.

Anyone with a work connection, such as employees, trainees, applicants and business partners, can use the following whistleblowing system: for information or complaints. Violations of the prevention of money laundering rules, financing of terrorists, product safety and conformity, environmental protection, protection of privacy and personal data, as well as violations of human rights can be reported. The reported cases or complaints are investigated with regard to violations of standards, the code of conduct and guidelines. Identity confidentiality is maintained. At the same time, reports can also be submitted anonymously. The procedure is carried out neutrally, free of instructions and confidentially. The process can be accessed at any time and in different languages.

Onboarding process

PETER HAHN has established an Onboarding process (see chart) for new suppliers which is part of the company’s due diligence and the pre-condition for a successful and trustful business cooperation. This is a release workflow for new suppliers with different steps and the consideration of different responsible parties including the completion and the final release by the managing board.

The process considers the evaluation of a proposed supplier (1) regarding the company requirements on transparency of the supply chain as well as the compliance of social and environmental standards (2). This assessment is done through visits of the production (factory evaluation) by own competent employees as well as by independent Third party auditing like e.g. amfori BSCI audits (at least audit grade of C or better).

A further assessment (3) is done by the Buying and the Quality Management who check the conditions of the cooperation as well as the product and its quality. The contractual agreement of the supplier to the delivery conditions etc., the social and environmental standards including the code of conduct for the supply chain is finally assessed by the Buying Controlling. Subsequently the collected documents and information is presented to the Managing Director for release. Only after the confirmation of all release workflow steps and the final approval by the management, the supplier will be integrated in the supplier portfolio of PETER HAHN and created as a supplier in
the systems (4).

Our cooperation with hessnatur foundation

Our commitment to the high priority of sustainablity is illustrated by the following: we have brought professional support from the first-class sustainability expert Rolf Heimann into the company. He has almost 30-years as a pioneer in the field of textile ecology. Rolf Heimann has developed, amongst other things, environmentally friendly and biodegradable dyeing systems and coatings for textiles. He has also led a consulting company for the optimisation of textiles ecology. Today, Rolf Heimann is chairman of the renowned hessnatur foundation.

PETER HAHN has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative since 2013. In addition to this commitment we have been participating in a Public Private Partnership project (PPP) from May 2016 to May 2018. The PPP project was co-financed by the German based Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH – from public funds from the programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Our sustainability strategy was optimised due to our membership in this project. This strategy was also implemented in the buying markets where our suppliers commited to sustainability goals and received individual capacity building measures.

This means that we were supporting three selected suppliers in Southern China over the last two years through individual and comprehensive training programmes. This project covered the use of chemicals plus social and environmental standards. It applied to both management and employees of the suppliers. The qualification programme was conducted in cooperation with our local partner Consulting Service International. After a kick-off meeting the factory’s first recordings of working conditions and environmental protection took place. In the last two years our Buying Agency, TriStyle Sourcing, and our suppliers took great benefit from the experience and gained knowledge. In the medium and long term all other suppliers will benefit too.


Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPS)

As part of our corporate culture, we understand the principle of “fairness and respect” in dealing with our employees and partners. This also includes gender equality.

The TriStyle Group has therefore signed up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, an initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact. Thus, being part of the TriStyle Group, PETER HAHN is committed to the principles of empowering women in the business environment.

With a quota of 79% women, as well as a quota of more than 60% female management positions, PETER HAHN feels responsible for promoting equality.

Both at PETER HAHN itself and in countries where our goods are produced, we support women, among other things, in the area of reconciling family life with a career, as well as in achieving financial independence and advancing their rights.

“Engagement for women is part of our corporate culture. We work continuously every day to ensure gender equality and respectful treatment of all employees. The commitment to the Women’s Empowerment principles is the expression of these activities.”


Daniel Gutting, Managing Director Peter Hahn GmbH

In 2020, Peter Hahn participated in a multi-stakeholder project dealing with the topic of “Gender Based Violence”. The initiative was developed together with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. Within the framework of this project, guidelines for the consideration of gender-based violence in social audits were developed:


Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as forced and compulsory labour. We understand that modern slavery is a global issue that may affect our supply chain. For us at PETER HAHN, taking responsibility means compliance with social standards and fair treatment of partners and suppliers.

Sustainable products

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Environmental Protection

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Communitiy Involvement

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