Our natural resources are finite. Therefore, it’s all the more important to take responsibility and handle our resources conscientiously and with care. Above all, at PETER HAHN, this means adhering to social standards and fair treatment of partners and suppliers. We are ecologically and socially committed in the areas of people, environment and products.

Our managing director Stefan Kober puts it this way:

“Sustainability is an essential part of our ethical understanding and our corporate strategy. We produce high-quality and durable products – respecting the environment and respecting human rights – both at PETER HAHN itself as well as in our supply chain.The latter clearly focuses on adhering to, and improving, social standards. Because we feel that this factor is closely linked to achieving the high quality of our products.


For this reason, we have had a sustainability department at PETER HAHN since 2012. Since 2016 we have also had a sustainability task force. It consists of purchasing and quality management personnel and focuses primarily on attaining more sustainable materials. With our GREEN COTTON collection, we have been writing a success story for more than 25 years. At the time it was a pioneering achievement. And of course we will continue to further advance ourselves in terms of sustainability.”

Here you can find our Policy statement on respecting human rights and protecting the environment.

If you have any comments or questions about sustainability at PETER HAHN you can send these to us at [email protected] 

Responsible production

Our efforts in regards to good working conditions in the supply chain are shown here.

Transparent Supply Chain

In this section, we give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of our supply chain.

Environmental Protection

In this section, we inform you about our activities in regards to environmental protection.

Materials & product seals

You will find further information in regards to our sustainable collection in this section.

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