This is how our GREEN COTTON collection is made

GREEN COTTON stands for environmentally friendly textiles in timeless, beautiful designs. Danish label GREEN COTTON is known for its clothing made from sustainably cultivated cotton, and they work hard to minimise any possible environmental impact at every stage of production.

So, no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used in the cultivation of the cotton, and no dyes containing heavy metals or other substances that could be harmful to human health are used during further processing. The possibility of allergies and skin irritations are therefore unlikely.

In addition to the environmentally friendly and skin-friendly qualities, GREEN COTTON also stands out with a distinctive style. Typical features of the feminine dresses, jackets, shirts and skirts are romantic floral prints and embroidery, and of course the casual cuts. Also included in the collection: shoes and accessories – naturally also produced in a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way.

See how the GREEN COTTON collection is made


Organic cotton from Turkey

We start in the Turkish Aegean region. This is where the trail of our GREEN COTTON products begins. The organic cotton is still picked by hand by field workers. Fibres that are not separated or broken are processed without chemical agents. This guarantees the high quality whilst protecting the environment.

Yarn & Fabric Production

After ginning the cotton, our fabric supplier in the spinning mill takes care of the production of the very fine cotton yarns. After dyeing, the yarn can then be further processed locally into the different types of fabrics.


Production in Lviv

The journey continues to Ukraine, to Lviv to be exact. The team from our GREEN COTTON supplier has been working here in a modern factory for more than 15 years. In consultation with GREEN COTTON in Denmark and with us as a customer, all the clothes for the collection are created there. From cutting to sewing, and quality control to shipping.

GREEN COTTON headquarters in Denmark

Take a look at the company headquarters in Ikast, Denmark, from where Inge (Key Account), Lenette (Sustainability Manager) and Lasse (CEO) control the GREEN COTTON production.

You can find the company website of GREEN COTTON here.


GREEN COTTON has a long tradition at PETER HAHN

Virginia, Jenny and Patrizia are the experts in GREEN COTTON at the PETER HAHN headquarters in Winterbach, Germany. Purchasing and sustainability are their main focus.

Virginia is a real fan of the GREEN COTTON concept: “The spirit of GREEN COTTON’s eco-friendly founder, Leif Nørgaard, inspired me from the start. I know how good it feels to wear GREEN COTTON designs. They are skin-friendly, soft, comfortably cut, produced in an environmentally friendly way and the prints are just fantastic.”

Jenny has been working closely with the GREEN COTTON team for 8 years. She wants to develop the comfortable collection with new prints and styles. All, of course, according to their sustainability values!

Patrizia has been with PETER HAHN since 2012 – and immediately loved the GREEN COTTON collection. “At that time, not many mail order companies had a sustainable collection. GREEN COTTON in Ukraine and ‘Care in Action’ were among my first factory visits.“

With a clear conscience


Social commitment

For many years the GREEN COTTON factory in Ukraine and the Danish management have been supporting the organization “Care in Action”, which promotes the education of institutionalised and fostered children through mentoring programs and material support.

You will find the “Care in Action” website here.


GOTS certification

The GREEN COTTON collection is certified according to the “Global Organic Textile Standard”, abbreviated to GOTS. The aim is to define requirements that ensure the sustainable production of textiles, from the extraction of the textile’s raw fibres through to the environmentally sound and socially responsible production and finally to the labelling of the end products.

You will find the GOTS website here.

More information about the subject

This is where your GREEN COTTON favourite is made

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Responsible production

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Environmental Protection

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Materials & Product Seals

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